Phone interviews can be a challenging experience. After all, body language and facial expressions are 55% of in-person communication, so what’s a guy/gal supposed to do without it? You can still impress that potential employer – just set the stage and focus on what counts.

Setting the stage:
• Dress for the occasion: Dress the way you would if you were going in for an interview. You will be surprised how this affects your attitude, mental alertness, and ability to focus on the call.
• Eliminate distractions: Find a quiet place where you will be uninterrupted. If you are at home, go into a room where you can close the door and not be disturbed.
• Have coverage: If you are using a cell phone, make sure your battery is fully charged, and your location has full signal. If you are using a land phone, make sure your cell is in silent mode.

Take the home court advantage:
• Notes: You aren’t in their office, so spread your notes out in front of you.
• Resume: Keep your resume front and center. Highlights points you want to cover.
• Questions: Those questions you are going to ask when given the opportunity? Keep them close by too.

Communication is more than words:
• Animation: During a phone interview, it’s hard for the interviewer to gauge whether or not you’re interested in the position unless your voice sounds excited. Focus on letting your voice tone convey your excitement and enthusiasm about the job.
• Smile: Trust us – you can hear a smile
• Listen actively: Of course, you will answer any questions your interviewer has, but also respond to their comments. “I agree.” Or “That’s an interesting concept.” etc. will indicate that you are fully engaged in listening.

Following this tips will help you come across as prepared, engaged, and interested in the position. They can make the difference between a ho-hum or a stand-out-in-the-crowd interview. If you want the position, ensure that you convey the message. At Horizon America – we connect light industrial and manufacturing candidates with companies, gaining you the opportunity for both phone and in-person interviews. Don’t delay. Contact us today.