As the economy continues to improve, securing skilled workers becomes more of a challenge. Creating accurate job posts that attract the best workers is essential. Here are some tips to help you in the process.

Target the right audience

Post your jobs where the workers you are seeking will be searching. It sounds so common sense and obvious, but you would be surprised how many times this is overlooked. Partnering with a reputable staffing firm who specializes in your industry will give you a boost in this direction. They know the candidates and the best methods/locations/sites for posting your open positions.

Promote Your Company’s Values

Don’t just target the right audience – help them target you. Share a brief, but succinct summary of your company’s values, goals, mission, etc. Choose words that reveal your culture. This will ensure that those applying for the positions not only qualify for the positions but will also connect with your company.

Don’t be Afraid of Sharing Details

While you don’t have to disclose information about pay and benefits in the job advertisement, it’s a positive choice in entry – mid-level positions in light industrial and manufacturing. Potential candidates appreciate knowing what to expect upfront.

Describe Your Ideal Candidate

Yes, you are looking for specific hard skills, but soft skills and character are also important. Make sure you indicate the whole picture of your ideal candidate. Be clear, concise, and upfront. If you give a clear picture of your ideal candidate, they will know if it’s worth their time and yours to apply. If you’ve connected with a staffing firm, communicate this information to them also – they understand the importance of the big picture and will ensure that they match you with candidates who fit both the hard and soft skills.

At Horizon America, we understand the necessity of effective job postings. We will assist you in using accurate and well-placed posts to attract and secure the talent you need for all your open positions. With more thirty years combined experience, our small but mighty, efficient staffing agency serves light industrial and manufacturing companies in southern New Jersey from our Vineland office. Uniquely situated close to the manufacturing sector, guarantees our clients will receive personalized service for every need. Contact us today and discover the difference Horizon America can make for you.