Earning that interview was a big plus. You were given a chance to discuss your potential as a future employee and prove that you are the man/woman for the job. You’re feeling pretty sure that a job offer is coming, but what can you now to increase your chances. Don’t forget these three essential steps.

Send a Thank You Card.

The most important step to take after an interview is to send a thank you card. An email is acceptable, and definitely better than not doing anything, but a sincere handwritten note will make your name stand out no matter how big the crowd. Keep it simple –  let the interviewer know you appreciated their time and were interested in learning about the position. Trust us – we are employers – your manners as well as your thoughtfulness and respect will not go unnoticed.

Follow Up in One Week.

If you are really interested about the job, but haven’t heard back from your interviewer within a week, don’t be afraid to follow up. This can be done via e-mail or over the phone and can be phrased in the following way: “Hi, this is _______. I’m still very interested in the position I interviewed for with you last Friday. When can I expect a decision?”

Once again, this will set you out from the pack. It may even get you and offer on the spot. Even if they tell you the position was filled, thank them again for their time – more positions will come and you want to be remembered.

Be Ready

After your interview, it’s very important to mentally prepare yourself for all factors that surround this particular job. Take steps now to be ready if you are hired quickly? Do you have the right clothes, safety equipment, etc.? Take care of yourself – eat right, sleep right, etc. so you are ready to give top performance.

Interviews are important, but they don’t end when you walk out the door. Complete the process by following the above tips. Looking for interviews and job opportunities? Contact HorizonAmerica. We connect prepared workers with excellent temp and temp-to-hire job opportunities in various positions including:

  • Warehouse
  • Line leader
  • Picking & packing
  • Produce Workers
  • Machine operators
  • Forklift operators
  • Sanitation workers
  • Production workers

Contact our office today and schedule an interview with one of our consultants.